All Yours

All Yours

Rules are meant to be broken, especially when it comes to this curvy chef and infamous playboy.

Miya’s head chef and one-fifth of Southern Soul Houston. She welcomes her new role in the family’s soul food restaurant until her brother, Kamal, hires his best friend, Dean, to “help” her create a new menu.

Dean arrives in Houston, ready to consult the Montgomery family through this transition, not expecting Baby Miya to be the curvy bombshell who steals his heart on sight.

Ignoring their chemistry is impossible. Dean's sweet smile and steamy eyes scorch through Miya's clothes and her objections. However, her tattered heart is counting his casualties, refusing to be Dean's next victim.

Kamal has a strict rule concerning his baby sister: Hands off. But since when has Dean met a rule he didn't want to break. And Miya's finding it harder to ignore his dedication and Southern charm.

Dean's hell-bent on making their own rules, and Miya's worried that when he's had his fill, he'll leave her with an irreparable heart. But their late nights have her willing to play with fire, praying...she doesn't get burned.

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