Claimed by a Capo

Claimed by a Capo

Revenge drove me into the arms of the enemy.
But what if he's the only one who can save me?

I storm into the club, hate fueling my every step.

My mission: find the mafia boss who murdered my brother.

Then Marcello happens.

A man with secretive green eyes and an allure that's almost more delicious than revenge.

I have no room for distractions, yet I give him my body.

And he offers an alliance I can't refuse.

The chance to infiltrate the mafia and avenge my brother.

I take it.

And he shields me from danger and stands against the very empire he helped build.

But with every act of defiance, we're tempting fate.

Falling deeper into a love that should never be.

Falling for a man I should destroy.

Falling for him.

And there's no turning back.

Our love might be our salvation or our ultimate undoing.

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