Finding Love in Italy

I’m all for glass slippers, lovable beasts, and a prince riding a stallion.
But never have I ever read the story about falling for my bestie’s daddy.

I felt the need for an adventure. A solo girl’s trip and my bestie’s wedding in Italy gave me the perfect destination.

Foolish me.

I bought the one-way ticket leaving my family and our ranch behind.

Sheltered me.

Thanks to a time zone mix-up, I arrive early and bump into a kind silver fox. A man twenty-four years my senior with a sinful body, husky laugh, and enticing eyes.

Adventurous me.

I give in and surrender to the adventure. To the blaze, he ignites every time we touch. And I live in the moment for one night, confident my little secret is a secret.

Then I arrive for the wedding festivities and realize the man I left with a fake name is the bride's father.

Oh, and my silver fox and one-night stand is my bestie’s dad.

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