Lone Wolf Steel by Anika Skye

Anika Skye continues the Lone Wolves Pack series with Lone Wolf Steel. Available now!

Her powers make her a target, and loving her might kill us both.

I prowl the dark alleys with my senses on high alert. Searching for the werewolves that killed any chance I had of a normal life.

Then I see her. A gifted artist, a human, and my fated mate.

The vibrant hues of her paintings ignite a fire in my soul that I can’t ignore. An untapped power is hidden in the colors and shapes on her canvas.

The same power the rogue pack wants for themselves.

My wolf demands I claim her. But how can I deserve the trust lurking in her eyes?

I’m a killer. A wanted lone werewolf with nothing to offer but danger and death.

Yet for the chance to feel her touch, taste her body, and love her, I’d risk a thousand deaths to protect her.

We know our love is forbidden. But with the rogue pack closing in, we’ll risk everything to be together.

The question is, will we survive?

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