Alpha Wolf's Fated Mate

Every part of my body yearns for his touch.
My brother’s best friend…and my fated mate.

There’s always been something about him that screams run.

But I find myself falling hard for my friend’s ex…

His broad shoulders, ripped muscles, and his silver pools of steel that turn golden when he looks at me.

He’s a werewolf fighting for his son and his rightful place as Alpha.

Yet I beg to feel the heat of his massive hands and his gruff whispers against my ear.

But he’s dangerous and hell-bent on vengeance.

So, I turn running fast and slam right into my future.

And it’s him, my brother’s best friend.

My protector. My mate. My savior.

The man I cling to when the secrets of my existence threaten our forever.

And now I’ll need him more than ever to defend me when wolves cry for my blood.

They want me dead…but my Alpha won’t have that.

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